Environmental Policy

We recognise the impact that we have on the environment and that we can make a difference by managing our Bakery in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

We, therefore, focus our energies and attention on finding practical ways to reduce our impact and have, therefore, adopted the following systems:

  • Comply with all current and applicable UK legislation e.g. Environment, Health & Safety;
  • To increase the usage of biodegradable cleaning agents and packaging;
  • Invest in and expand our current fleet of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gasoline) powered delivery cars and vans;
  • Reduce driving miles by planning geographical area delivery routes and times;
  • Minimise the use of disposable plastics and paper;
  • Reduce transport miles by sourcing local suppliers/ingredients;
  • Train and educate all BHB staff on environmental issues e.g. waste management, health & safety policy, good food practice.

At Beverly Hills Bakery, we are committed to providing high quality, wholesome and nutritious food, containing no false preservatives or additives and using only the finest ingredients, baked fresh every day.